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This interface helps you to see the full list of activities and the main information about them.

With the help of filters, you can find the necessary entry quicker.

You have an opportunity to add/edit/delete activities and create opportunities in case it was successful.

The Activity report helps you to see the information in the interface in a more convenient view.

List description:

  • Type – the kind of activity
  • Contractor – the name of the customer
  • Contact – the name of the contact person
  • Responsible – the name of person who is responsible for the activity
  • Description – the space for additional information
  • F – the icon
    of clip is shown in case of attachments

The elements of the interface:

  • The Responsible, Activity type, Result type, Office, Team, Contactor type, Contractor, Contactor contacts, Activity category selectors
  • The ID input field
  • The Activity start, Activity finish calendars
  • The Deleted checkbox
  • The Activities radio button
    • All – the all activities will be shown
    • Auto – the activities that were created automatically is shown
    • User - the activities that were created by user is shown


How to create activity
  • Click the
    button and the sidebar will be opened
  • The elements of the sidebar

The Activity tab

  • The Office, Team, Responsible, Contractor type, Contractor, Customer contact, Activity type, Activity category, Priority selector
  • The Activity description, Time input fields
  • The Activity start and Activity finish calendar

Additional information:

    • The Customer contact selector will be available after selecting a value in the Contactor selector 
    • The Responsible, Contractor, Customer contact, Activity type and Priority fields are required
    • The Current status will be Open in case the date in the Activity finish field is more than the current date

    • The Current status will be Closed in case the date in the Activity finish field is equal to the current one or has already passed

The Additional tab

  • The Entities block (elements)
    • The Entity type and Entity selectors

Pay attention that the filtration in the Entity selector will occur according to the period that was selected in the Activity start and Activity finish fields

  • The Attachments block
  • The Notes block

The Result tab

  • Select the type in the Result type selector
    • Select the Successful type in selector and the additional fields will be displayed

The element:

  • The Result description, Revenue forecast, Tonnage forecast, Details input fields
  • The Opportunity type, Pipeline stage, Confidence forecast, Currency, Rate, Product, Destination, Airline, Request number selectors
  • The Opportunity date, Date forecast calendar
  • Fill in the Opportunity type field and the other fields will become active. Click the SAVE button

The Related Opportunities block will be displayed with all created opportunities

  • In all other statuses the additional fields will be hidden
  • Pay attention that after the result in the Result type field is saved, the Result tab will be blocked without opportunity to edit it 

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