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Ac type - positions

How to assign positions to Aircraft type

For each aircraft type there is a list of positions like Captain, Flight engineer, Ground engineer etc assigned to work for this aircraft on each flight

To assign positions to the Aircraft types 

  1. Choose the Aircraft types list

  2. Choose from the list the one you need  and twice click to open it 

  3. On the bottom of the page see the section to manage Positions for Aircraft types 

  4. Choose position from the list 

    and press 

  5. If you need any other position, but it is not reflected in the list, press  

    And you will be redirected to the Positions editing page 

  6. To add new position press 

  7. - Priority of the position

     - Position title

    -Short position title

    -any notes corresponding to this position

    - Tick box to choose to which type of aircraft Staff this position corresponds

    - if to tick this box the work time will be calculated for the Staff on the flight flying as passengers but having a shift on one or several legs of  this flight 

  8. After you filled in all corresponding information, press
     and the position will be added to the list and to be chosen in Aircraft positions assignment 

  9. After assigning positions to the Aircraft types they will be available to choose while crew assignment 

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